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Attention all singers/songwriters, musicians/sidemen, DJs, Hip Hop artists, and producers...

Discover the secrets to achieving a life-long career in music! And learn how to prosper and build wealth while doing it!!





Dear fellow artists,

We are all dreamers by design, and let's face it -- you have to be a dreamer to get into the music business in the first place. So let me start by describing two of the most common scenarios that befall musicians.

  1. A young _______ [pick one: singer/songwriter, musician, DJ, hip hop artist, producer or recording engineer] begins her career in the business. She struggles financially and suffers for her art all the while hoping that big success is right around the corner. She therefore puts off saving, believing that her ship will come in any day now, and she will soon have plenty of money.

    In the blink of an eye, 20 years have passed, and the ship still hasn't arrived. She's broke and has very little to show for all of her efforts.

  2. A _______[pick one: singer/songwriter, DJ, recording artist, or producer] finally hits the big time. He has a multi-platinum album and international fame. In one year he makes 10 million dollars. So he goes out and buys a 7 million dollar house and spends cash as if he is going to make that kind of money every year.

    The next album flops, the taxman and the bill collectors come calling, and within a few years he's filing for bankruptcy.

What do both of these scenarios have in common?

-->Neither artist learned how to manage money.

If you wish to avoid both of these scenarios then read on. I have information that can allow you to prosper in either situation! Read more...

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