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The Money Magic for Musicians Lecture

I have put together a 60 to 90 minute Power-Point lecture for "Money Magic for Musicians". I developed it with college seniors (music majors) in mind since they will soon be starting their careers. However, the presentation is appropriate for all music students at the college level.

In addition, I am currently developing a lecture that is geared towards high school seniors interested in careers in the arts. I will post it on this site when it is ready to go.

“Rodney’s presentation was exactly what our students needed – a clear understanding of what to do NOW to create financial security. He is an engaging speaker and was able to make clear to our students specific steps to take. Rodney was able to make the Byzantine world of finance comprehendible for them.”
Joey Sellers -- Chair, Music Department, Saddleback College

Lecture Curriculum
The goal is to present students with an overview of the financial issues facing the self-employed artist. Emphasis is placed on providing the students with the financial knowledge they will need to lead prosperous creative lives.
1) Discussion of the unique financial challenges facing artists along with practical solutions.
2) Discussion of the differences between the benefit package offered for a typical job in the corporate world versus what musicians are offered.
3) Introduction to long term and short term savings options for musicians --> Overview of IRA and mutual fund investing
4) Students will learn ways to avoid the major financial blunders most musicians make.

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